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Let me tell you about myself. I am a Mistress who is petite but has a strong female superiority philosophy and takes pleasure in and is skilled at dominating masochist.


One of the things I value most is "verbal communication". I prefer to ascertain what kind of masochist they are through conversation before playing with them.


Therefore, I recommend that a masochist who wants to have a master-slave relationship should first have a proper conversation with the masochist. If you do not want to be treated as a slave, you can have a session right away.


Devil's Forest is the name of an SM bar that is said to have existed in the building where Afternoon Secrets is located 30 years ago. Once I heard the name, I was completely captivated by its somber and suspicious sound.


As you know, BDSM is not a cheerful thing. If you are a masochist who wants to explore the dark forest with me, please sign up for a play as soon as possible.



Please be sure to indicate on the reservation form what you want us to do for sure. We do not accept "leave it all up to us. I know from my interviews with many masochists that every masochists has something he really wants done, and if it is not fulfilled, he will be left dissatisfied.

If you don't understand, please think it through and make an appointment after you have an answer.

Only after you take the step of "thinking willingly", which masochists are not good at for me, will you be able to play. This is a special training to become a masochist who can move spontaneously and be useful to me. This is my way of 'training'.


For interviews and appearances, please contact us here. For session reservations, please make a reservation through the session reservation page.

Your inquiry has been sent.

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